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Project Description
Console tool for all SharePoint versions to support scripting additions to sites, content migration, and other functionality.

I needed a mass import / export and migration tool for migrations that didnt cost 30k a licenses, and this is the semi-result. It has evolved to support several actions via scripting in combination with STSADM.

pdConsole Tool coded by Michael Coleman. 2007.
PDCONSOLE /url: /structure /content[[:Attributes]] /export /filepath[[:drive:path]] /includeversions /addannouncement [/title:'<TITLE>'] [/announcement:'<ANNOUNCEMENT>']]

/structure displays structure of site area.

/content displays all lists and libraries.

/attributes: (all) All Content (documents) All Documents

/export exports document libraries to file system. Generates a Manifest.xml file to support migration to a new environment.

/filepath required with export.

/includeversions used with export, includes all file versions. (Every version will be included but when migrated to a new environment meta will be lost.)

/addannouncement required to add annoucements.

/title: sets announcement title.

/announcement: sets announcement body.

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